We believe in delivering results and exceeding our client expectations

Tech Vedika's best-in-class experts in software engineering services, design, and business strategy bring innovative solutions tailored to each client.

We have extensive experience in working as scalable development partners for customers across different industry domains. Our expert teams work in collaboration with customers to build next generation products that broaden their success to compete in the digital economy.


Tech Vedika enabled new advanced technology which allows users to track their health and fitness via a smart wristband which is connected to a mobile app.

Tata Docomo

Tech Vedika built complete end to end solution for Tata Docomo to offer onetouch experience to their Wifi hotspot customer can use mobile app to connect hotspot quick and easy.


Tech Vedika built and app that takes the tools, logistics, and expertise that travel agents have always encompassed, and created a platform that now delivers this content to the consumer in a modern, relevant, and engaging app.


Tech Vedika is part of the app development that lets users buy food and drinks at busy bars, clubs and restaurants without waiting in queues. It also lets it's users discover what's happening around, find out places with Wi-Fi and connect to them automatically, chat internally with everyone logged in to a venue and so on.


Tech Vedika is helping build a mobile interface for HRMS integrating with backend source system Oracle apps.


Tech Vedika built a system that analyses the machine performance, network activities, user activities based on logs generated from different logs. Further this analysis is used to reduce the risks or performance leakage in their individual units.


Tech Vedika is helping them extensively in mobile application testing and building Web Admin interface.


Tech Vedika is part of the development for Sage FAS Fixed Assets, which is one of the most comprehensive asset management solution designed to meet the needs of every size business and organisations.


Tech Vedika developed multiple Android apps for one of the Ogilvy's customers. A solution was developed using mobile apps to bring the transparency of the field activities done by the extended sales team.

Case Studies

Internet of Things (IoT) Solution for a client in US

Integrated Fitness Tracking Solution for a Client in US