Overview of TrakIVA:
Our TrakIVA platform is powered by IoT and Vision Analytics. It uses tags/sensors to track people and assets in real-time & also uses AI’s Deep learning algorithms to track people & assets using Cameras. It can serve as a crucial utility in many of the use cases as below.

Package Tracking Use Case:

  • This article summarizes how TrakIVA effectively helps in Package Tracking.
  • We’ve implemented a solution targeting to solve Package/Asset tracking in a Warehouse/Data Centre.
  • The whole process of tracking a package inside a warehouse, we’ve classified it into 3 stages
    • Package – In
    • Package – Movement
    • Package – Out

Solution Approach:

  • Package In process is implemented & tracked in below manner:

  • Package Movement Process is implemented & tracked in below manner:

  • Package Out process is implemented in the below manner:



  • Overall manual efforts of tracking the assets by the auditors/inspectors in Warehouses/Data Centres/Industrial setups can be reduced at a significant rate.
  • Anomalies (Missing Asset detection, misplaced asset tracking, etc..) can be traced faster for corrective action.

Know more about our Product @ https://techvedika.com/trakiva/


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