A few of our Clients

Our Clients

Why TechVedika

We are a team of highly experienced engineers backed by our product portfolio in providing innovative technology solutions for our client’s. Our products and solutions enable organizations to innovate and transform their operational efficiencies, accelerate their growth and increase revenue. Leveraging our TechVision+ Platform utilizes AI/ML, Intelligent Vision and IoT to accelerate our client solution delivery, mitigate risk and transform the way they operate.

What can we do for you?


 Techvision Plus

It allows companies to leverage AI/ML, Vision & Analytics to become a more efficient and more secure workplace for your people, places and assets

 Heart beat CVI

Cardiovascular Health Assessment tool to analyse MRI scans & reduce radiologist reading time to 2 minutes

Service Offerings

 AI & Analytics
AI & Analytics

Our AI platform is a suite of components covering Vision Analytics, Text Analytics and Predictive Analytics

 AI & Analytics
Cloud Native Development

As a trusted AWS Partner, we provide end-to-end cloud services right from cloud development & integration to cloud migration

 AI & Analytics
Microservices & Containers

Tech Vedika has extensive experience in developing highly scalable applications leveraging microservices and containers

 AI & Analytics
Agile & DevOps

Short release cycles, Continuous Integration & Continuous Development

 AI & Analytics
Web and Mobile

We have immense experience in building complete mobile app solutions on multiple operating systems

Our Customers

Our Solutions

Morgan Guadis

Intelligent Vision for Package tracking inside a Van

A leading global automotive manufacturer of cars and trucks engaged Tech Vedika in leveraging its expertise in Intelligent Vision for en-route package tracking

Morgan Guadis

Intelligent Vision for PCB Inspection

Leveraging our Intelligent Vision platform a manufacturing company achieved 20% improvement in accurately detecting defects during PCB component assembly

Morgan Guadis

Real-time Indoor Tracking for Manufacturing Sites

Solution for Developers to bring back construction site staff to work in a safe and secure manner during the COVID 19 Pandemic using our TechVision+ platform

Platforms & Technologies

What our clients are saying

“Played the Technology & dev partner role to deliver the desired solution with a strong team across all aspects of the development life cycle. Techvedika is an excellent partner for firms to develop world class applications by taking an idea, conceptualizing the design, creating the project structure with their agile methodology, completing the development and delivering a hosted cloud solution.” 

Arun Parimi

(CEO – Arevea)

“TechVedika has been an ideal partner for Accushield. TechVedika has worked within our budget to produce a high-quality product. Their team quickly understood our business and has met several very aggressive deadlines that were critical to Accushield’s success – with the attitude of being in-house team members rather than outsourced contractors. Thanks to their team for the great contributions they made to our success at Accushield!”

Allen Barnes

(President & CEO – Accushield)

“Contributed to our success by providing end-to-end implementation of the service with Android & iOS native apps for end-users. I am extremely glad to have TechVedika as a dev partner and our team thoroughly enjoyed the working style of their highly motivated & committed team which, am sure will go many places. Without TechVedika’s team, Bento would not have been able to deliver MVP in record time and on budget.” 

Ram Sudireddy

(Founder, Chairman & CEO – Bento Dental Management Platform)

“Their ability to source quality talent and draw on their internal resource base of experts was important, equally was their ability to proactively identify gaps, take responsibility, and expediently close those gaps, key to considering and retaining them as our preferred vendor.”

Ravi Ganesan

(Founder – Idyllic)