Gather and process sensor-collected data from connected devices through asset & workforce tracking

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Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology and is being rapidly embraced by companies across diverse industries due to the increase in connectivity, speed, bandwidth and acceleration of digital transformation initiatives.

We complement our IoT solutions with analytics and insights by leveraging Vision Analytics and Predictive Analytics. Our endeavor is to help organizations reap the benefits of IoT with enhanced business value and minimal disruption to their current processes.

We as an R&D/Product Engineering outsourcing partner, collaborate with our customer’s product marketing, engineering and domain experts, to help them build highly specialized & differentiated solutions.

The IoT solutions we offer can be based on our TechVision+ platform, our integrated IoT & Vision Analytics Platform, which can be hosted on-premise or on the cloud. We have partnerships with leading IoT product vendors to procure devices and provide support services.

Service Offerings

Device Setup & Management

  • Device Provisioning & Configuration
  • Device Virtualization
  • Device Integration & Management

IoT Platform Development

  • Rules and Events Configuration
  • Big Data and Processing
  • IOT Analytics and Dasboards
  • Device Testing
  • On-premise or Cloud Deployment

IoT Managed Services

  • IoT Infrastructure Management
  • Security Monitoring & Management
  • Platform Maintenance & Auditing


Indoor Tracking

TechVision+ helps in workplace tracking by locating people and assets in real-time leveraging low-cost LoRa, BLE & RFID Tags/Sensors

Smart metering

Offers a wide range of remote monitoring and alerting capabilities, and powerful Analytics and Dashboards

Vehicle Telematics

Helps monitor vehicles in real-time using data from sensors that is transmitted to our IoT Platform

Success Stories

40% increase in Gym memberships and personal training sales by 30% with Fitness Tracking IoT Platform

US Fitness Wearables Provider

Enhanced building security using IoT by locating emergency call location through indoor location tracking, navigation and emergency notification

US based Building Security Services Provider

Improved employee safety & driving behavior through live tracking of Vehicle and Location with video streaming

Elite Vehicle Security Services Provider in the USA

IoT based Platform with Tags and Vision Analytics for automating the manufacturing process and reducing wastage

Process Automation for AAC Blocks Mfg. in India

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