Why Vehicle Telematics?
Tech Vedika’s Vehicle Telematics Platform is an end-to-end connected vehicle solution for monitoring vehicles via web or mobile from anywhere.  It collects vehicle data such as speed, fuel-level, stops, breakdowns using GPS and onboard sensors. In addition, the platform provides a live stream of the cameras installed in the vehicle using open source, Linux based IVU system.

IoT Powered
The Vehicle Telematics solution is powered by Tech Vedika’s IoT Platform built using proven Open Source technologies. The platform provides real-time dashboards with Live location Maps for vehicle tracking and live video streams for enforcing passenger safety.

The platform provides real-time data of vehicle speed and fuel level and alerts for high speed, low fuel level, not following a pre-defined route or exiting a pre-defined Geo fence zone.

100% Cloud Based

Tech Vedika’s Vehicle Telematics Platform provides:

  • 24×7 global access and eliminating the need to manage software and hardware: Significant cost savings and greater flexibility
  • Scalability-on-demand through adding more VMs with 100% uptime
  • Subscription-based pricing

Simple User Interface

Browser-based platform designed and optimized to deliver the superior user experience.

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Quick to learn, deploy and use
  • Deliver powerful insight

The platform has a powerful dashboard with Live Map for tracking vehicles and their routes, vehicle status (speed, fuel level, etc.) and view live stream of cameras installed inside the vehicle.

It comes with a pre-built library of components that can be used for enhanced analytics and insights.

Functions of Vehicle Telematics Platform

  • Key platform features include:
  • Live Map of Vehicles and Routes
  • Vehicle Data (Speed, Fuel level)
  • Vehicle Status (On Route, Stopped, Breakdown, Refuelling)
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Live Video Streams from Cameras installed in the Vehicle

Vehicle Tracking

Our Platform provides the following features:

  • Track Vehicles (Buses, Cabs) on a Map in real-time
  • Real-time view of Vehicle Data (Speed, Fuel level)
  • Vehicle Status (Stopped, Back on Route, Refuelling, Breakdown, etc.)
  • Send Real-time Alerts on events such as high speed, low fuel, not following route

Passenger Safety

The following are the features for enforcing passenger safety inside the vehicle:

  • Track Vehicle and its route in real-time from web and mobile
  • View live stream of Videos from Cameras installed in the Vehicle
  • Receive Alerts in Vehicle not following a route or exiting a Geo fence

How does Vehicle Telematics Platform work?
Our Vehicle Telematic platform is powered by IoT. It uses sensors to collect vehicle data and GPS to track vehicles in real-time. These IoT features are used to send real-time alerts for events such as vehicle breakdown, vehicle stops and back, high speed and low fuel level. A device with a Linux based IVU system is used for collecting and storing live feeds from cameras installed in the vehicle.

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